Scottish hotel room revenues in UK high

• Monthly room revenue in Edinburgh overtook Aberdeen for the first time this year.

SCOTLAND’S hotel revenues were the highest in the UK during June, claims a report by business advisers BDO.

The monthly hotel survey found average room revenues in hotels north of the border rose 5.6% to £67.12 compared to £51.22 in regional UK, £48.81 in England and £42.20 in Wales. Scottish occupancy rates, however, fell 0.7% to 83.3%; but were still higher than that in regional UK (79.1%), England (78.3%) and Wales (79.4%).
Edinburgh was the star performer, with revenues overtaking those in Aberdeen for the first time this year as the tourism season got into full swing. The capital recorded the third-highest revenue figure in the UK at £81.37, followed by Aberdeen at £75.31, Glasgow at £54.74 and Inverness with £50.15.
Alastair Rae, a partner in the property, leisure and hospitality sector at BDO, said the slight drop in occupancy figures is to be expected as prices rise.
“Although the revenue increase was not the largest, the overall figure of £67.12 is considerably greater than the other parts of the UK,” he said.
“Indeed a £16 revenue difference between Scotland and the rest of the UK is healthy.”
“The Edinburgh boost in revenue is undoubtedly down to the lengthy tourism season the city now enjoys. It is no longer focused just on July and August but stretches a couple of months either side giving the capital a six-month strong tourist period.
“These figures reflect a sector which is returning to the glory pre-recession days when money flowed a lot more easily and the leisure industry boomed.”