Brewer drives craft beer in the on-trade

Molson Coors joins forces with Scottish operators to help boost revenues

• The Molson Coors craft range includes beers from the Franciscan Well brewery in Ireland.

GLOBAL brewer Molson Coors has been working with Scottish multiple operators to promote craft beer in their outlets.

The firm has joined forces with Edinburgh-based bar and restaurant group Montpeliers and Manorview Hotels & Leisure Group, whose portfolio includes the Redhurst and Busby hotels south of Glasgow; both groups now stock selected beers from Coors’ ‘Craft Collection’ range.

Montpeliers’ success has largely stemmed from its ability to stay ahead of the times.

Montpeliers was the first to work with Coors on boosting craft beer following consumer research undertaken by the firm in 2013 which revealed long-term potential for craft beer.
The brewer worked with management at Montpeliers’ bar and restaurant Indigo Yard, revamping the beer range in a bid to appeal to new and existing customers.
Hugo Mills, director of sales and operations for Scotland at Coors, said Montpeliers was the “perfect project partner” for the brewer.
“Montpeliers has always been a progressive organisation, and its success has largely stemmed from its ability to stay ahead of the times,” said Mills.
“Indigo Yard is another great example of this, where it has captured the growing interest in beer, and in particular craft, through the new venue concept and refurbishment.”
Coors continued its craft push in Scotland by inviting Manorview boss Steve Graham to visit Montpeliers last month.
Graham is said to be rolling out the Franciscan Well range and Blue Moon across the estate, which includes The Torrance Hotel in East Kilbride and The Lynnhurst Hotel in Johnstone.
“That takes us a bit more west side [of Scotland], and we continue to look for partners we think will help shape and build what we think is the right platform and environment for presenting the craft beer phenomenon to their respective marketplaces,” said Mills.

We continue to look for partners we think will help build the right platform for craft beer.

Discussing the category as a whole, Mills said the Scottish market is “increasingly competitive” when it comes to beer ranges.
“Now this is starting to shift and consumers are demanding more choice and we are passionate about providing guidance and support to the on-trade on updating their portfolio and helping them to capitalise on this opportunity,” he said.