Boost in capacity for Stewart Brewing

• The 150-hectolitre tanks arrived from Hungary last month, boosting the brewery’s capacity.

MIDLOTHIAN-based Stewart Brewing has boosted its brewing capacity with the installation of two new fermentation tanks.

The brewer predicted that the 150-hectolitre (Hl) tanks, which were shipped to the brewery from Hungary last month, will increase brewing capacity by 40%.
Previously, production at Stewart Brewing’s 50Hl brew house is said to have been restricted by a lack of fermentation capacity.
The commissioning of the new tanks, said to have doubled fermentation capacity, is expected to facilitate the production of 18,000Hl per annum.
The new tanks are also expected to allow more regular brewing of Stewart Brewing beers such as Ka Pai and Radical Road which had been limited by the need to focus resources on core beers Edinburgh Gold and 80/–.
The increased capacity is also expected to facilitate the production of “one off” brews.
Stewart Brewing managing director Steve Stewart commented: “For a while now, we have not been able to store the quantity of beer that we would like to brew. Or rather, the volume of beer that there is demand for.”
Stewart Brewing’s installation of two new fermentation tanks marks the end of a £1.2 million expansion programme launched in 2012, with the brewery now said to be “complete … at least for the time being”.