Arran Brewery to launch its first cider

• Arran Brewery owner Gerald Michaluk believes there is a market for more Scottish cider.

ARRAN Brewery is embarking on a cider venture with plans to launch Scottish Highland Gold Cider in time for Christmas.

The cider is to be produced at the brewer’s Loch Earn Brewery site in St Fillans, Perth, which is currently under development.
Commenting on the new project, brewery owner Gerald Michaluk told SLTN that he believes there is a market for Scottish cider, but that there continues to be only a small number of Scottish producers “mainly because there isn’t enough apples”.
Michaluk plans to source apples for the new cider from community orchard projects operating in Scotland, a relationship which he suggested would be beneficial for both parties.
“We guarantee to buy the apples and they [community orchards] can draw grants from the government,” said Michaluk.
“We create sustainability by committing to buy at the agreed market price.”
Arran Brewery will also purchase commercial apples for cider production, as new orchards can take “three to four years” to produce product, according to Michaluk.
Production of the new cider will be headed up by Arran Brewery cider maker Ignacio Berroa. Berroa is expected to create a cider in the northern Spanish style of his home country.
Michaluk said the style is a “drier” cider that pairs well with fish dishes.