Turn on to CCTV

Technology can bring the trade a raft of security benefits, firms say


WITH technology seemingly changing as regularly as the seasons, keeping up to date with latest CCTV and security systems is no easy task.

But with systems changing rapidly, it pays to ensure security kit is reviewed regularly.
And with the start of the busy festive season just three months away, now could be the ideal time for operators to reassess their CCTV provisions.
Craig Straton, national accounts manager for Sims Automatics, said CCTV is “vitally important” to all premises, adding that systems have “improved dramatically in the past few years”.
“Gone are the video tapes that had to be changed on a daily basis,” said Straton.
“Recording facilities are now on a DVR hard drive and can store several days of visual data on end.”
Publicans looking to install CCTV should seek out expert advice to ensure they receive the right system for their venue, said Straton.
“When installing CCTV it is important that the work is carried out by a reputable company who specialise in this field,” he added.
“A full survey should take place ensuring the camera system meets your needs, also educating the client on the workings of the system is key.
“Remember CCTV is not there to intimidate customers, it is there as a deterrent and a safety measure keeping staff and customers at ease.”

Gone are the video tapes that had to be changed every day.

Allan Jones, communications director at Dunedin Facilities Management, agreed that having a good CCTV system is “invaluable” to licensees.
“It will provide a window onto your business that will empower you to oversee, manage and run it safely,” said Jones.
“It will be the management’s eyes and ears. It will help prevent and detect unlawful activity at the premises be that disorder at the entrance or persons stealing or vandalising.”
When it comes to purchasing a new system, Jones agreed with Straton that operators should seek out expert advice, adding that “they [publicans] know their premises best”.
“Make sure that key points of premises are covered – entrance (two camera angles), ticket office, bar area, dance floor, any room where valuables or money are kept, rear entrance,” said Jones.
Straton also advised licensees to purchase versatile kit.
“Operators should always buy a digital system using the most popular video format; this means it can be downloaded and viewed on any device,” he added.
“Be sure to have cameras that are simple and easy to maintain that are colour and capture in high definition.”