City board says no new licences

DUNDEE licensing board has confirmed that it now considers the entire board area overprovided in terms of licensed premises, with the exception of the city’s redeveloped waterfront area.

The board voted in favour of the new policy at a recent meeting.
A spokeswoman said: “Licences for on and off provision will not be issued, unless the applicant can confirm their new premises will not contribute to overprovision in the city.”
Jack Cummins, of Hill Brown Licensing, said it would be “virtually impossible” for newcomers to successfully challenge the policy.
“In most cases it will be extraordinarily difficult,” said Cummins.
“This policy could differentiate between off-sales and different types of on-sales, it could be finer-tuned. This blanket approach is a matter for concern, because it could stifle quality investment in the city. It could drive people away.”