The biggest brands in the Scottish trade

Figures show Tennent’s and Smirnoff still at the head of the table

TENNENT’S Lager and Smirnoff continue to be the two biggest-selling drinks brands in the Scottish on-trade, according to data supplied by research firm CGA Strategy.

The brands, owned by C&C Group and Diageo respectively, have retained the top two spots in SLTN’s Top Brands list, which details the biggest drinks brands in the Scottish on-trade by value.
In the following pages you will find listings of the top 75 brands, commentary on the top 15, as well as information on some of the most important categories in the trade. The High Flyers list, on page 28, details some of the fastest-growing brands in Scotland’s bars, pubs, restaurants and hotels.
The Top Brands list is compiled using data from CGA Strategy. The information covers the year to the end of May 2014 versus the twelve months to the end of May 2013 and is sourced from the firm’s Brand Index measurement service – a modelled system that incorporates field and telephone research and is supplemented by data from around 4700 outlets.
In the vast majority of cases the ‘total brand family’ is utilised to represent each brand in the ranked list.
However, where a single major brand product accounts for a significant element of total sales within the top 75 then it will be included separately – as applicable.
The ranking is based on the estimated value of retail sales in each of the twelve month periods.
It should also be noted that CGA’s model is adjusted on an ongoing basis, at which point historic data is reworked using the updated model.
This updated historic data is used to determine whether or not a brand has moved up, down or held position on the table, rather than using a direct comparison with SLTN’s feature last year.

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