Pubs get another sporting chance

• Over 600 people watched the World Cup final in Glasgow’s Campus.

SCOTTISH publicans had reason to celebrate during the World Cup final, when the Germany vs Argentina game provided another welcome boost to pubs and bars.

Petra Wetzel, the German owner of West Brewery, Bar and Restaurant in Glasgow, said the final was “amazing”.
“We had 350 people watching the final at West, which is about 300 people more than we usually have in on a Sunday night,” she said. “We could do with a World Cup final like that every Sunday night.”
Elsewhere in Glasgow, student venue Campus had introduced Argentinian and German dishes to its menu, as well as themed cocktails.
“We had more than 600 people in to watch it on the Sunday night,” said owner Gavin McGreish. “It was a great boost for the weekend that T in the Park was on.”
And in Fraserburgh, publican Dennis Forsyth said his Cheers venue was “very busy”.
“They started coming in at 7pm and kept coming,” said Forsyth.
“We provided free homemade sausage rolls and baskets of chips at half time, which was appreciated.”