New look for Glasgow’s One Ten

marks hotel
• The revamped One Ten interior.

ONE Ten Bar and Grill on Glasgow’s Bath Street has been relaunched with a new-look interior and new menu.

Described as having “a more contemporary look and feel”, the venue, which is on the ground floor of Marks Hotel, features new decor and furnishings in “muted earthy tones”; the design is intended to create a warmer feel throughout the restaurant and lounge areas.
The revamp has been paired with the launch of new a la carte and casual dining menus featuring classic dishes with a “contemporary twist”.
Karen Burke, GM of One Ten Bar and Grill and Marks, said new F&B manager James Anderson and his team will take the venue “to the next level”.
“This is further complemented not only by our stunning new look but also the wide ranging wining and dining options, which I believe positions One Ten amongst the very best the city has to offer,” said Burke.