Anderson adds alcohol-free

Jim Anderson has added Brewdog’s alcohol-free Nanny State to his draught line-up.
Jim Anderson has added Brewdog’s alcohol-free Nanny State to his draught line-up.

Black Isle bar bolsters draught range with Brewdog’s Nanny State

A BAR and restaurant with rooms in the Highlands has expanded its range of draught beer with Brewdog’s alcohol-free Nanny State.
Jim Anderson introduced the alcohol-free beer on tap at The Anderson, in Fortrose on the Black Isle, on the back of growing demand for the Ellon-brewed pale ale in bottle format.
Jim said the beer, which is available in half-pint and pint measures, “has more body than many mainstream beers”.
“Nanny State from Brewdog was outselling the rest of the [alcohol-free] beers by quite a margin,” he said.
“So I made an arrangement with Brewdog to put a few kegs together for us.
“At first, our customers love the idea of looking like ‘one of the lads’ with a pint of alcohol-free beer.
“Then they take a sip and they’re amazed at how much flavour it has.”
Draught Nanny State is the latest addition to a long-established alcohol-free drinks offer at The Anderson.
A Driver’s Drinks Menu has been available since Jim and his wife Anne opened the business in 2003.
Introduced to address what the Andersons considered to be a “lack of alcohol-free drinks that would compliment the vibrant flavours of chef Anne’s multi-ethnic cuisine”, the offer at The Anderson has grown from low-alcohol Scottish and Belgian beers to include fruit and herb-infused drinks as well as six alcohol-free beers.
“There are a dozen reasons why our customers might not drink alcohol when they dine with us – medical, religious, ethical, too young, too old, driving, driving the following day, etc,” said Anne.
“Why should any of those reasons mean you can’t have a good drink with good food?”