Pubs counter Corona ‘shortage’

Operators take evasive action in face of UK supply issues

• Lisini said it bought in extra Sol as a ‘back-up’ amid the Corona ‘shortage’.

SCOTTISH publicans have taken steps to ensure their beer fridges remain stocked in the midst of a ‘shortage’ of Mexican beer Corona.

The brand is produced by AB InBev-owned Grupo Modelo in Mexico and distributed in the UK by Molson Coors.
AB InBev had previously warned that it would not be able to deliver all orders placed between January and March, and Molson Coors said this could lead to a shortage in stock.
But operators have taken steps to avoid any potential short-fall in their bars.
Alex Quinn of Lanarkshire-based Lisini Pub Co told SLTN he sourced additional Corona stock from Dunns Food & Drinks.
“I have managed to buy some extra stock to get me by,” said Quinn. “Also I have bought extra Sol in as a back-up for the customers just in case.”
In Fraserburgh, Dennis Forsyth, who owns Cheers Café Bar and Tavern, said he had sourced “quite a big order” from Batleys in Aberdeen
after being warned of the shortage.
And while Duck Bay Marina’s Scott Beaton reported “no issue” with sourcing Corona at the moment, the bar manager said he has been in regular discussion with his Molson Coors rep to keep up to date.
Ian Cumming of Inverarity Morton confirmed the shortage had started to affect stock in mid-June and is expected to last around six weeks.
And Chris Cosh, procurement director at Wallaces TCB, said his company was limiting orders to four cases.
“We are not clear on when normal service will resume, but we are working with the distributor to ensure that it is as soon as possible,” he added.
A spokeswoman for Molson Coors said the firm is working closely with AB InBev “to ensure we are aware of the latest updates”.
In a statement, AB InBev attributed the shortage to an increase in demand versus last year.
“We are working closely with Molson Coors to manage stock in a proactive way and to minimise any disruption of supply to customers,” said a spokeswoman. “Supply is now improving as we work hard to manage the situation.”