Offer the right bites at the bar

A strong range marketed well can boost an outlet’s profits, snack firms say

• Sharing platters can add to a venue’s atmosphere and act as a ‘testing ground’ for the menu.

THE right snack range, promoted well, can give a venue’s profits a real boost, according to food distributors contacted by SLTN.

Kevin Harvie, founder of Hectares Snacks, said it is important for operators to provide “a mix of popular snacks with new innovative snacks and flavours” to make the most of the opportunity.
“When offering new snacks it’s essential to keep them visible and make customers aware that you have new products available,” said Harvie.
Ed Robinson, UK foodservice manager for microwave snack brand Big Al’s, said operators can grow sales by stocking easy-to-prepare snacks.
“Licensed venues can boost profits from food sales by stocking bar snacks which can be prepared quickly and adapted to suit multiple occasions throughout the day,” he said.
As well as enhancing sales, snacks like sharing platters can add to a bar’s atmosphere and act as a ‘testing ground’ for the venue’s menu.
“Sharing platters work brilliantly for snacking and are a social way of eating, ideal for groups of friends, families or an intimate meal for two,” said Vera Malhotra of Plusfood UK.
“They are a great conversation point, can add a real ‘wow-factor’ to a meal event and are a great way to try new menu ideas.”
When it comes to choosing a snack range to stock, Fraser Henderson of Haywood Drinks, distributor of brands including Snyder’s Snacks, Patak’s Peanuts and The Posh Pig, said operators should choose food to match their style of outlet.
“The quality of the snack offering should match the venue,” he said.
“When your customers are enjoying a premium drink they wouldn’t be expecting cheap packs of peanuts.”
Kate Rathbone, marketing manager at snack firm Trigon, whose brands include Big D and Planters, echoed Henderson’s sentiments, saying it is “crucial” that an outlet’s snack range complements its drinks menu.
“As people graze and snack whilst drinking, people want to try new things and pick flavours which will complement what they are drinking,” said Rathbone.
“Snack nuts are the quickest snack available – instant snacking and impulsive. Pubs should offer the most important ‘salted’ ranges whilst rotating new flavours.”