Cider shows its true colours

Bulmers the focus of major summer marketing campaign


CIDER brand Bulmers is the focus of a new summer marketing campaign.

Spanning TV, press, digital and outdoor ads, the ‘Bulmers Live Colourful’ activity is set to run until September; press and outdoor ads were launched at Easter, while the TV ad, titled ‘Shine’, will be screened from May 1.

The campaign is a celebration of Bulmers’ diverse range of flavoured ciders.

The ad shows groups of people enjoying the range of five Bulmers ciders in a variety of settings, seemingly oblivious to the “multicolour effect Bulmers is having on the cities around them”.
Bulmers’ parent company Heineken collaborated with six artists who used the colours of the five Bulmers variants to bring the Live Colourful advertising campaign to life; the photographs, paintings and graphic designs they created will feature in the print, outdoor and digital ads, which will run across the UK this summer.
Jacco van Der Linden, marketing director at parent firm Heineken, said the campaign aims to communicate “how Bulmers is the catalyst to colourful, fun nights with friends”.
“Live Colourful is a celebration of Bulmers’ diverse and exciting range of flavoured ciders and a manifestation of the brand belief that variety and choice – living colourfully – leads to more vibrant and exciting consumer experiences,” said van Der Linden.