Brewer finds inspiration

Perth’s Inveralmond launches a new range of craft beers

• Sunburst is the first beer in the new series.

PERTH-based Inveralmond Brewery has launched a new craft beer range.

The Inspiration Series was unveiled online with the release of Inveralmond’s Sunburst beer in bottled format for the first time.
Sunburst, first released in keg and cask in the 1990s, is the first in a series of beers being developed by Inveralmond head brewer Ken Duncan, which the brewery said “showcases Inveralmond’s versatility as a craft brewer”.
Brewed in the style of a Czech Republic pilsner, Sunburst incorporates yeast from the Brevnovsky Pivovar brewery in Prague. The new release was unveiled via an online tasting session, which was broadcast live over YouTube.
Bob Hogg, commercial director of Inveralmond Brewery, said the firm “couldn’t wait” to unveil the beer.
“With The Inspiration Series, we have seized the opportunity to pour the same passion and creativity into the entire product development process that we do with our brewing,” said Hogg.
“Launching online seemed like the best place to do it – that way everyone can be involved in this unique experience.”
Duncan said the beer “has been developing over the last 15 or so years” and its taste has an “instantly fresh appeal”.
“To me it’s the ultimate sunny day, the refreshing drink,” said Duncan. “Golden, hoppy and instantly satisfying.”
Other beers in the series are yet to be announced, but beer number four, a German-style beer called Marzenfest, was previewed in cask at the Wetherspoon Spring Beer Festival.