The cooler choice from Draught Beer Online

Draught Beer Online

For operators in need of a portable dispense solution, Draught Beer Online has released its cheapest ever double tap portable beer dispensing cooler.

The new Pygmy 25/K is available exclusively from Draught Beer Online at the lowest ever price of £565.
The portable dispensing cooler uses a solid plate chiller for fast and efficient dry cooling designed to bring draught products down to a temperature of 4°C within five minutes of ‘switch on’.
The Pygmy 25/K also utilises compressed air from an on-board air compressor eliminating the need for CO2 gas bottles.
A full range of portable draught beer dispensing coolers is available at Draught Beer Online and all dispensers are compatible for use with any standard beer kegs, KeyKegs and Ecofass kegs.

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