Looks matter in licensed trade

Smart workwear can make a big impact

• Professional-looking staff uniforms can make a huge difference to an outlet, say suppliers.
• Professional-looking staff uniforms can make a huge difference to an outlet, say suppliers.

HAVING staff appear as welcoming and professional as possible is more important now than it has ever been, say workwear suppliers.

In a year that Scotland is expected to welcome visitors from across the globe, firms have argued that now, more than ever, first impressions count.
“More often than not that first impression is made by a member of staff, so there is no doubt that the way they are presented, as well as their manner, plays a very important part in how the venue in question is perceived by the customer,” said Rick Shonfeld, commercial director at Tibard.
And selecting the right staff workwear is about more than creating the right impression for customers in the outlet, according to Craig McArthur of R&D Miller.
McArthur argued that professional-looking staff can actually be an effective marketing tool for a venue.
“Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools a brand can have so ensuring that your staff reflect the concept of the company brand values is essential,” he said.
It’s not just the business itself that could benefit from professional-looking workwear, however.
Ruaraidh Macleod, managing director of Kylemark, said uniforms can make life easier for staff.
“It is a fact that most staff would rather be given a uniform for work,” he said. “Firstly, a smart, clean uniform makes you feel good about yourself, you feel important and gain confidence from being part of the team. Secondly, no need to waste time deciding on what to wear to work today.
“Thirdly, staff uniform and workwear, if personalised or branded, is tax exempt.”
Selecting and purchasing workwear is only part of the challenge, however.
David Hill, sales and marketing director of chefswear specialist Johnsons Stalbridge, said keeping workwear clean is just as important.
“You may spend a long time choosing the right look for your establishment, but if the [workwear] is not processed and cleaned properly, it will still look dirty and give a negative impression, and critically, with kitchen wear, you have the added risk of cross-contamination so it has to be cleaned to the right specification,” said Hill.