Web booking firms tie up

Reservation sites form strategic partnership in UK

• ResDiary and Bookatable allow consumers to reserve restaurant tables through their websites.
• ResDiary and Bookatable allow consumers to reserve restaurant tables through their websites.

RESDIARY, the Scottish-based firm providing online booking services for restaurants, is set to expand its reach through an alliance with European reservations website Bookatable.

The partnership will provide a larger shop window for ResDiary’s restaurant clients, who will now appear on Bookatable’s UK site in addition to ResDiary’s and at no extra subscription cost.
ResDiary clients who receive bookings through Bookatable will have the booking placed on their ResDiary ‘reservation book’.
The deal will also provide access to Bookatable’s network of partner websites, which include TimeOut, TripAdvisor, UrbanSpoon and SquareMeal.co.uk.
Bookatable is said to have around one million unique visitors every month, and a client base of around 9000 restaurants across 19 different countries, while ResDiary has more than 4000 restaurant clients across the UK, Ireland, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.
However, the partnership will only initially cover the UK.
“With this partnership, two of the most important players in the online restaurant reservations market have come together to give a tangible benefit to everyone in the bookings chain, from the systems providers to the restaurant owners to diners,” said ResDiary boss Mike Conyers.
“We are delighted to be able to bring this opportunity to our clients and introduce their restaurants to a much larger audience.”
Bookatable is part of the Livebookings group, which claims to be the largest online reservations provider in Europe, with customers in 23 countries.
Guy Halfhead, chief operating officer at Livebookings, said: “With our extensive partner network, and as one of the leading consumer websites for restaurants, Bookatable is uniquely placed to bring more diners to ResDiary’s clients in a seamless and hassle-free way.”