Liqueurs add seasonal sparkle

Glitter and gold-infused drinks launched for Christmas

• All that glitters: new gold-infused Jungfrau and glitter-infused Corky’s launched this month.
• All that glitters: new gold-infused Jungfrau and glitter-infused Corky’s launched this month.

THIS Christmas is all about glitter and sparkle for two of the liqueurs in Global Brands’ portfolio.

The drinks firm has launched a new Gold Edition variant of its Jungfrau herbal liqueur, which is infused with flakes of gold and flavoured with cinnamon; and a glitter-infused mango variant of fellow liqueur brand Corky’s.
Global Brands said the launch of the two new variants comes as demand for gold and glitter-infused liqueurs is growing.

Licensees have the opportunity to offer luxury brands at affordable prices.

Jungfrau Gold Edition aims to give licensees the opportunity to offer a “luxury brand at competitive prices to maximise profit”, according to marketing director Simon Green. On-trade activity, such as black and gold parties and a range of point of sale material, will support the launch.
“Flaked with real 23 carat gold leaf and flavoured with cinnamon, Jungfrau Gold Edition lends itself perfectly to luxury cocktails, with recipes such as the Espresso Martini Gold: combining Jungfrau Gold Edition with Kahlua and Espresso, topped with a dusting of cinnamon,” said Green.
“The millionaire experience goes further than just the liquid however; packaged in a stunning clear glass bottle backed by the brand’s trademark glittering mountains, the floating gold flakes give an eye-catching twinkle.”
Corky’s Mango Glitter Mix, meanwhile, is also designed to stand out on the gantry.
The liqueur is blended with edible glitter, which is suspended in the liquid.
Simon Green said the glitter-infused liqueur is “breaking boundaries” in the category.
“As the first and only liqueur in the speciality category to contain edible glitter, Corky’s Glitter Mix has delivered true innovation,” he said.
“Not only for celebration shots, Corky’s Glitter Mix adds a twinkle to a range of serves, ideal for the festive season. Corky’s is a true game changer in the speciality liqueurs category, creating never before seen theatre of serve, boosting interest and excitement into the liqueur category.”