A new gold standard at the Tyndrum Inn

Local couple set on returning pub to former glory. Matthew Lynas reports

An American-style diner was converted back into a traditional pub as part of the revamp.
An American-style diner was converted back into a traditional pub as part of the revamp.

REVISITING past glory is a recurring theme at Stirlingshire pub the Tyndrum Inn.

Last year, as the former mining village of Tyndrum contemplated the future of the nearby gold mine at Cononish, the Tyndrum Inn returned to the ownership of the Riley family, more than a decade after they last operated the outlet.
The inn had belonged to Andrew Riley’s father and, when he sold up, Andrew and his wife Jennifer made their own way into the licensed trade, taking on the Tight Line pub in nearby Lochawe.
“Basically the history of this place is that my father had it for about 18 years then sold up in 2000,” said Andrew.
“We took on a pub up the road, ran that for five years and then we had two little children and decided to get out of there, sold up and then eventually I ended up working with the gold mine.”
Andrew said it was during this time that the Tyndrum Inn was under the control of the bank.
Spotting an opportunity, he and Jennifer brought the Tyndrum Inn back into the family.
After the first season came to a close the Rileys set about refurbishing the Tyndrum Inn, returning it to the layout that had previously been used by Andrew’s father.
An American-style diner on the first floor, which had been opened by the previous owners, was refitted as the hotel bar and the ground floor bar was converted back to it’s previous function as a restaurant.
The couple aimed to have the conversion complete in time for the 2013 tourist season getting underway, with staff and local tradesmen carrying out a lot of the work.
“We took the bar out, toilets out, the lot,” said Andrew.
“Refitted the whole place, top to bottom.
“We painted the outside hoping that everyone would see the place has changed.”
Tyndrum’s tradespeople didn’t act alone in refurbishing the property, with Edinburgh based design firm Laidlaw Contracts providing furniture for the venue as well as fitting new carpets.

Staff and local tradesmen carried out a lot of the work.

And gaming and technology firm Sims Automatics also played a key role in the revamp, installing a jukebox, pool tables, CCTV cameras and carrying out re-wiring work.
But the initial refurbishment work is just the start for the Tyndrum Inn, according to Andrew, who said he and Jennifer have plans to develop the business further.
“We can’t stop here,” he said.
“The rooms have been tidied up as much as they can but we’re hoping to refit the rooms up the stairs.
“We’re also hoping to redo the restaurant.”