Sound of music a force for Scots bars, says PPL

PLAYING music in a venue can help publicans to boost revenues, according to licensing company PPL.

A recent survey of 300 people in Scotland conducted by the firm found that over 60% of respondents would spend more time and money in bars, clubs, restaurants and shops that play music.
All respondents who said they went out more than twice a week were prepared to pay more and stay longer in venues playing music, according to the survey, which also found women are 10% more likely than men to spend additional time and money in restaurants bars and clubs that play music.
“Venue owners cannot afford to ignore the fact that the public want to hear music when they are out,” said Laura Ferguson, business relationship executive at PPL.
“Our research found that music is often a key consideration for Scots when planning a night out, so businesses should be thinking about how to turn the consumer’s love for music into a boost for their bottom line. All we ask them to do is to remain legally compliant via a PPL licence for recorded music, which will in turn provide royalties for the performers who produce the recordings that keep the customers coming back.”