Breathe life into the bar with a fresh look

Granite, marble and bright colours among the current favourites in interior design

 Increased overseas travel is having an impact on interior design in bars and pubs.

BOLD patterns and overseas influences are said to be two of the big trends in contemporary bar and pub design.

Specialist firms contacted by SLTN said there are a number of ways operators can bring a tired looking venue back to life.
Sandro Formisano, chairman of Glasgow design firm New Concept, said sleek and well finished interiors are currently in demand.
“In terms of trends, we are definitely seeing a preference for greys and light browns, a very clean-looking aesthetic,” he said.
“Wood bar tops seem to be out the window, operators prefer granite and marble. Faux leather is very popular, and we’ve just received a large order for real leather seating for one Glasgow venue which is about to be refurbished.”
‘Pop up’ spaces are another popular trend in interior design, said Purpose Design managing director Gail Thomson.
“Space squatting, more commonly known as ‘pop up spaces’, are very popular in the sector, with many venues popping up and creating an impact in existing spaces,” she said.
“Often design related to the pop up space is created using contemporary elements in bright colours in juxtaposition to the surroundings in which it is situated, drawing attention to the new venue.
“Colour is also making a big impact, with operators looking to add bright uplifting tones in pinks, yellows and teals.
“These are often added to bold patterns for increased effect and can be applied to both pop up and traditional venues. I see this as being quite a key trend for some time, running into next year.”
Kay Brannon, partner at Harrison Ince Architects, said an increase in overseas travel is having an effect on both product and venue design as operators seek to import design trends from abroad.
“Global influences are key to schemes that are coming through as well as gastro ‘fast food’, from gourmet burgers to Peruvian cuisine – the food and styles are morphing together as a blend of food and environment to provide a whole ‘experience’,” she said.
“From a practical point of view, timescale, location and core market are all factors that strongly influence design.
“We would envisage an even stronger connection to other cultures, travel and the world market continuing to influence the trends going forward.”

Image – Increased overseas travel is having an impact on interior design in bars and pubs.