The devil’s in the detail – Isle of Arran whisky

The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter II.

THE second whisky in Isle of Arran Distillers’ “trinity of ungodly spirits” has been released.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter II, Angels & Devils is made using 27 different Arran casks.
Angels & Devils is said to be based around sherry hogsheads and includes peated Arran barrels from 2004.
Only 6660 bottles of the 53.1% ABV spirit, which has an RRP of £72.99, have been released worldwide.
Distillery director Euan Mitchell expects interest in the new whisky to be high after the first Devil’s Punch whisky sold out last year.
“Angels & Devils is a spirited single malt whisky which will stand out,” he said. “It will appeal to people who look for quality and something unique – a perfect choice for those who dare to dram with the devil.”

Image – The Devil’s Punch Bowl Chapter II.