Pub guide brings food for thought

New initiative aims to help operators boost sales

Brakes Pub Club is designed to help operators maximise food sales.

PUBLICANS looking to improve their food offer have a new resource at their disposal following the launch of an online initiative from foodservice supplier Brakes.

Free to access for Brakes customers, the Pub Club tool ( offers a range of catering advice, including guidance on menu selection and video masterclasses as well as tips on how to increase footfall.
The guide was launched on the back of a survey, which Brakes said showed nine out of ten publicans said they could benefit from help and guidance from a major food supplier.
The poll also revealed that less than a fifth of publicans felt they were making the most of their food offer, while more than two thirds said they struggled to keep their menu interesting and innovative. More than a third said encouraging customers to buy food more frequently and attracting new customers to eat at their pub was difficult, while three in five claimed making their food profitable was a challenge.
Mike Park, business unit director for pubs at Brakes, said the initiative will offer “much needed assistance” during what he said has been a “tough time” for the trade.
“We recognise that many publicans don’t have the time or resources to do their own research to identify the food trends in the market,” said Park.
“Brakes is best placed to play a role in helping publicans with some of the investigation work, and we are in a unique position to work with pubs.”
Park said there are a number of ways in which publicans can improve their food offer, including addressing common mistakes such as listing too many menu items, not understanding an outlet’s customer demographic or having an over ambitious menu.
Brakes said the Pub Club will continue to be developed over the coming weeks and months, as additional tools and ideas are added.

Image – Brakes Pub Club is designed to help operators maximise food sales.