For those about to rock we salute you

Marc Bird with the Rockbox.

JUKEBOX supplier Sound Leisure has launched a music system which it says is specifically tailored for use in live music venues.

Pitched at venues which don’t play chart music, the Rockbox features a playlist of rock, indie, ska, punk and alternative tracks.
Sound Leisure has so far installed three Rockbox units in different outlets across the UK.
“The first of our Rockbox sites was a rock pub that insisted on no chart music,” said Marc Bird of Sound Leisure.
“They were very specific about what they wanted, so to save any disappointment or confusion I emailed the site a list of the music content.
“I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of most of these songs or artists but the site was blown away.
“This is when we realised this jukebox in the right site had massive potential.”
The music list for each Rockbox is compiled by content supplier Soundnet in conjunction with the outlet.
“We take great time and effort to ask the venue what songs they require and to make sure the jukebox is tailor-made to suit that venue by adding venue requests, new music and also local bands,” said Bird.

Image – Marc Bird with the Rockbox.