SoCo sets its sights on summer

Souther Comfort Lime

SUMMER drinking occasions are the focus of a new marketing initiative for speciality spirit Southern Comfort.

Promotional kits from Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands highlight signature serves for the brand’s flavoured variants: Southern Comfort Lime and Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry.
The Lime flavour is being positioned as an ideal summer sharing drink when mixed with lemonade and served in a pitcher, while Bold Black Cherry is being promoted along with cola.
BBFB is positioning the Lime and lemonade serve as a daytime option while Bold Black Cherry is being promoted as ideal for late night occasions.
The kits, which include pitchers, bar runners, umbrellas and optic signage, are being distributed across the on-trade, with a particular focus on outlets with outside areas.
“With the summer of 2013 set to be quieter than last year, we wanted to ensure we were supporting the on-trade and helping licensees make the most of the opportunities the season brings,” said Southern Comfort marketing manager Gwen Ridsdale.
“Our latest flavoured variants have proven popular amongst our target audience of LDA-24 year olds, successfully recruiting new consumers to the Southern Comfort brand.
“Offering bartenders the chance to capitalise on daytime drinking occasions and late night get-togethers, the new POS items for Southern Comfort Lime and Southern Comfort Bold Black Cherry are the perfect tools to maximise profits during the all-important sunshine season.”
The flavoured variants will also be promoted in Southern Comfort’s summer advertising activity, which includes television ads.

Image – The promotional packs include sharing pitchers.