The key to successful barbecues lies within

 Indoor grills give a BBQ taste.

A BARBECUE might seem like a good addition to an outside area during the summer months, but traditional models can be an impractical choice for some licensed premises.

That’s the message from equipment suppliers, who advised operators to consider interior grills as an alternative for preparing barbecued food.
Lee Norton, managing director of Rational UK, said an oven such as a combi-steamer is well-suited to the job.
“Barbecued food is synonymous with outdoor areas but food that isn’t thoroughly cooked runs the risk of containing harmful bacteria that can cause food poisoning,” said Norton.
“Using a combi-steamer means grill steaks, spare ribs, burgers, vegetables or seafood can be grilled, absolutely perfectly, with no risk of undercooking.”
Justin Cadbury of Active Food Systems said indoor grills can also help ‘weatherproof’ a pub’s barbecue plans.
“Using a grill in the kitchen to create a great barbecue taste then serving to customers snug in their outdoor shelter offers pubs a weatherproof barbecue-type experience,” said Cadbury.

Image – Indoor grills give a BBQ taste.