Cutty Sark to take to the skies

Blended whisky joins forces with seaplanes as part of new campaign

Come fly with me: the blend has joined forces with Loch Lomond Seaplanes.

A BLENDED Scotch whisky which takes its name from a famous ship is set to take flight as part of a new marketing campaign.

Cutty Sark, which is said to have been inspired by and originally named after the famous Clipper, has joined forces with Loch Lomond Seaplanes for the new burst of activity to coincide with the brand’s reintroduction to the UK.
Cutty Sark, which celebrated its 90th birthday last month, is said to have a strong presence in global markets like the USA, Japan, Brazil, Sweden and Spain.
Now Edrington, which acquired the brand three years ago, is embarking on a major push to establish the blend as an “urban brand” in the UK. As part of the ‘Spirit of Adventure’ activity, it aims to “break away from traditional whisky brand stereotypes” and target younger consumers.
As well as the seaplane partnership, new packaging, range and distribution plans have been put in place for Cutty Sark.
Edrington said it plans to invest £20 million in the brand in the next five years, covering both new and existing markets around the world. It predicts the spend will help increase global sales by nearly 40% in the five-year period.
Jason Craig, global brand controller for Cutty Sark, said the new campaign aims to capitalise on the whisky’s “inherent pioneering attitude”.
“2013 is going to be a truly momentous year for the Cutty Sark brand,” he said.
“The stunning bright yellow seaplane really reflects what we hope will be the journey for our whisky brand for the next five to ten years; from its roots as a Scotch to taking flight as an urban, relevant and pioneering whisky for a new generation of whisky drinkers.”
The Cutty Sark seaplane will fly from the shores of Loch Lomond at Cameron House Hotel.
David West, director of Loch Lomond Seaplanes, said the two brands are a good fit.
“As a brand that symbolises adventure, excitement and always challenging stereotypes, we couldn’t wait to be involved,” he said. “Now to see the seaplane take to the skies from the famous shores of Loch Lomond in front of Cameron House Hotel, it’s clear Cutty Sark has come home.”

Image – Come fly with me: the blend has joined forces with Loch Lomond Seaplanes.