Belhaven pubs back bowel cancer test campaign

BELHAVEN pubs are backing a new campaign which aims to encourage people to take the test for bowel cancer.

Posters, leaflets and washroom vinyls designed to highlight the importance of the test will be distributed across 91 of its outlets to support the Scottish Government’s Detect Cancer Early campaign. The activity includes a TV ad featuring the voice of Ford Kiernan as the ‘invisible man’ speaking to a man sitting on the toilet.
Almost 4000 Scots are diagnosed with bowel cancer – the third biggest cancer in Scotland – each year, yet only half of those eligible for the national screening programme actually take the test.
Kenny MacKenzie of Belhaven said: “This is a great opportunity to get this important health message through to pub-goers who may not be aware of being at risk of bowel cancer or the benefits of taking part in the screening programme. We are hoping that the vinyl posters in toilets will have a positive impact and help to encourage those who may not have done the test before, to actually do it.”