Playing it cool

The latest BC range of back-bar coolers from Williams

Coping with the demands of a busy venue means back-bar refrigeration has to operate efficiently, to maintain temperature as bottles are taken out, stock replenished and doors continually opened and closed.

The latest BC range of back-bar coolers from Williams has been designed with these testing demands in mind. However, they are also designed to look stylish and display premium bottled drinks to eye-catching effect.
The bottle coolers are available as single or double-door counters, manufactured in stainless steel or hardwearing black PVC-coated steel. Glass doors and effective lighting ensure an attractive display, while adjustable shelves enable different sized bottles and cans to be stored efficiently. Variable thermostats allow the operators to set the optimum temperature, between 4 and 10ºC, to suit the environment, customer preference and any specific requirements of the beverage.
Options include double-glazed glass, stainless steel interiors, solid doors and connection to a remote refrigeration unit such as Williams’ glycol system. Some models are available with sleek, curved handles in an attractive bronze brushed finish.

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