New Irn-Bru ad takes the road to Wembley

The new ad features English bulldog Wembley.

IRN-Bru is back on TV screens with two new adverts as part of a fresh burst of marketing activity.

Continuing the ‘Irn-Bru gets you through’ theme, the first of the ads, called ‘New Fella’, shows patriotic Scot Mr McGhee meeting his daughter’s new boyfriend and his dog, Wembley, for the first time. The ad ends showing how a drink of Irn-Bru “gets Mr McGhee through”.
AG Barr’s head of marketing, Adrian Troy, said last year’s activity generated £3 million of incremental sales for Irn-Bru during the campaign. “The adverts really engage consumers with the brand and we expect a surge in demand for Irn-Bru, making our advice to retailers clear: stock up on Irn-Bru,” he said.