Club boss calls for order on hours

A GLASGOW operator has called for order on trading hours in the city, claiming “some casinos are effectively operating as nightclubs”.

Donald MacLeod, whose CPL firm owns the Garage, Cathouse and Tunnel nightclubs, told SLTN he wants to see greater differentiation between bars, nightclubs and casinos, claiming it will enhance the city’s image.
“In Aberdeen, we operate [Garage] as a club and our competitors are clubs, but that’s not the case in Glasgow,” he said.
“Some casinos are trading to 6am but are acting as clubs. Gambling does not seem to be the main activity; people are going there to drink and dance.
“This slow erosion of hours is worrying me.
“We need to return to the situation where pubs are pubs, clubs are clubs and casinos are for gambling.”
A spokesman for Glasgow licensing board said it is “standard practice” that casinos are granted opening hours til 6am as part of their licence. “We are consulting on the issue of casino opening hours as part of the development of the board’s new policy statement and are seeking views from a wide range of stakeholders,” he said.