Wine supplier’s Cannonball run

The wines will debut through Enotria on April 1.

ENOTRIA has expanded its portfolio of Californian wines.

The wine supplier will begin distributing a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Cannonball Wine Company on April 1.
Enotria’s California buyer, Harriet Kininmonth, sees a big opportunity for the US wines in UK gastro pubs.
“Cannonball appealed to us with their clear direction, very upbeat, eye catching labels, and of course the wines which varietally are bang on the money,” she said.
Cannonball CEO Yoav Gilat, who founded the company in 2006 with winemaker Dennis Hill, said US wines have been “misrepresented” in the UK with “inexpensive, mass-produced, non-descript wines”.
“We waited to enter the UK market until we found the perfect partner that understood our brand and philosophy,” Gilat said.
“Cannonball speaks to a new generation of wine consumers – those wanting to explore their own tastes and discover what is appealing to them, not necessarily drink what their grandparents were drinking.”
Enotria will showcase the wines at its annual tasting in London next month, set to be attended by more than 80 wine producers from across the world.
The event, which takes place at the Saatchi Gallery on March 26, is based on the theme of ‘discovery’ and will host more than 500 wines from locations like Jerez, Priorat, Catalunya, California and Argentina.
Enotria CEO Alison Levett said the aim of the event is to shift the focus of wine drinking “back on to the myriad boutique, family estate wines rather than the default everyday choices”.
“As part of the theme of discovery, we have chosen a host of exciting wines from across the tasting which represent an opportunity for operators to list better quality wines by the glass,” she said.
As well as tastings, the event will also feature the finals of the Enotria Wine Cocktails Competition, which will challenge bartenders to create cocktails using different wines.

Image – The wines will debut through Enotria on April 1.