Coors in talks with staff over restructure

BREWER Molson Coors confirmed last week that it’s in consultation with “a number of staff” in its Livingston office as part of plans to restructure its business north of the border.

Coors said the talks have arisen from a “continuing programme of change required to meet the increasing competitive pressures facing the beer market”.
A still to be confirmed number of staff entered a 90-day consultation with the brewer on December 20.
The news came as Molson Coors UK and Ireland bought the Franciscan Well craft beer and microbrewery in Cork. The brewer plans to expand Franciscan Well’s range, which includes Shandon Export Stout, Friar Weisse and Blarney Blonde, and increase its annual brewing capacity from 4000 kegs to 150,000 by developing a new site in Cork, which it expects to be operational later this year.
Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall, which Coors bought two years ago, and William Worthington’s microbrewery in Burton-upon-Trent, join Franciscan Well in a new Emerging Markets & Craft Beer division at Molson Coors, which will be headed by Niall Phelan.
Phelan’s role also covers Scotland after former Molson Coors Scotland MD Phil Whitehead moved to the role of director of commercial excellence.