Caterers tune into tastes

More high street outlets cooking to order, new report finds

PUB and restaurant groups are taking steps to customise the dishes they are serving to their customers.
The latest Menurama survey from Horizons found that a growing number of dishes are being prepared ‘to order’, with customers demanding more choice than ever before.
Previously limited to dishes such as steak, burgers or sandwiches, the report found that customisation is now becoming more popular in outlets serving pasta, salads, Mexican dishes and pizzas.
“Increased customisation of dishes is something we are starting to see more of,” said Paul Backman, director of services at Horizons.
“It is a great marketing tool and puts the customer in control of what they are
“It costs operators very little in terms of time or additional food costs but could give them the edge over their competition.”
Backman said ‘build-your-own’ sections are likely to appear more often on menus as operators “seek to offer consumers something different”. Pizza and pasta chain Vapiano, pub group Varsity (part of Barracuda) and Holiday Inn were three operators said to have embraced the build-you-own concept on their menus.
Other findings of the report included a growing appetite for sharing dishes.