Speed is key for kitchen sauces


READY-made stocks and sauces are becoming more popular within the catering industry, according to Kerry Foodservice.

Marketing manager Anthony Wilkinson said these type of products offer a convenient alternative to creating stocks from scratch in a busy kitchen.
“Given the resurgence in popularity of comfort dishes such as hot pots and steak and kidney puddings, a high quality stock base that delivers depth, flavour and consistency is the backbone of any pub kitchen, creating bases for a variety of sauces, gravies and soups,” said Wilkinson.
The company’s Recipere range of sauces, bouillons and gravies has been developed specifically to provide commercial kitchens with quick and easy sauces that are central to popular dishes such as roasts, lasagne, macaroni cheese and curry.
“Spicy sauces are also extremely popular as consumer tastes continue to be more adventurous and accustomed to different cuisines,” Wilkinson added.
Kerry Foodservice isn’t the only company catering to spicy palates in the UK, however.
As part of its sponsorship of National Curry Week earlier this month, sauce brand Patak’s launched a search for the country’s ‘biggest curry lover’.
The winner of the competition will earn the title of Patak’s Official Curry Taster 2012.
As well as receiving a year’s supply of Patak’s products, the competition winner will be invited to attend product development days at the company, and will also receive a masterclass in Indian cooking from Anjali Pathak, grand-daughter of company founder L.G. Pathak.

Image: Ready-made stocks and sauces offer a convenient alternative for chefs in busy kitchens.