Games can captivate customers, firm says


A SECURE casing for games consoles in bars and clubs is now available with a 46-inch ‘professional grade’ NEC screen.

Entertainment supplier Sound Leisure said the new version of the Captivator-360, is a quick, simple and cost-effective method of securely mounting the Xbox 360 console, Kinect sensor, controller and flat panel screen on the wall.
“Our patented Captivator-360 housing is a unique and unobtrusive solution which enables customers to bring free to play, controller free social gaming to any venue in a simple, cost effective way,” said Sound Leisure director Mike Black.
Nick Chandler, of Sound Leisure’s SLKids division, which sells the Captivator, said the product was developed in response to demand from operators eager to introduce new concepts to their venues.
“We believe the addition of the NEC screen with a comprehensive onsite warranty will really appeal to our customers, who now more than ever, are looking for long term value with hardware purchases,” he said.

Image – The casing ‘hides’ the games console.