Look out for safety signs, gas firm says

PUBS should be cautious when dealing with dispense gases, says supplier BOC Sureserve.

According to the company, operators risk putting staff in danger or, at the very least, serving inferior products to their customers by not maintaining safety standards in the cellar.
In order to help operators keep their beer cellars in good working order, BOC Sureserve has provided a number of hints and tips for publicans.
These include:
• ensuring the right type of gas is being used to dispense products, and that the supplier is able to demonstrate they meet industry safety standards
• using the correct valve outlets, so that high pressure gas is never put onto a low-pressure regulator
• installing CO2 monitoring and detection equipment, increasing cellar ventilation and setting out clear emergency procedures in the event of a leak
• avoiding overstocking cylinders
• ensuring all connections and joints are gas tight. Leak testing can be done by spraying an ammonia-free leak detection solution on all cylinder connections.
Carl Goode, marketing manager at the company, said that staff training is vital for safety.
“Ensure that staff who change gas cylinders are trained in safe storage and handling,” he said.
“The ability to spot tell-tale signs of gas leakage will help to ensure a safe environment.”