Havana Club opens Mojito Embassy


A NEW pop-up Mojito bar kicked off its UK ‘tour’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival earlier this month.

Located in the capital’s George Square until August 19, Havana Club’s Mojito Embassy aims to teach festival-goers how to make an authentic Cuban Mojito using Havana Club 3 year old rum and fresh ingredients.
Visitors will be able to choose their own fresh mint and lime from street trolleys in the embassy’s ‘Mojito market’ before making the cocktail and drinking it in the traditional Cuban bar.
Havana Club brand ambassador Meimi Sanchez said: “The activity allows us to restore the value of the authentic Cuban Mojito, as served by Cuba’s most famous bars, Bodequita Del Medio and Floridita.”

Image: The embassy includes a Mojito market.