New wave cleaning

THE microwave oven is the workhorse of many a catering kitchen.

In constant use for reheating, defrosting and cooking, they often get taken for granted, abused and misused. But when budgets are tight every piece of catering equipment needs to be looked after to maximise its service life and ensure it is working to optimum efficiency.
David Watts, general manager of Samsung Professional Appliances, said there are a few simple steps to looking after a microwave:
• Clean the air filters regularly, by removing them and washing in soapy water.
• Clean the ceiling plate by removing it and washing in the dishwasher.
• Remove grease from the interior by steam cleaning. Simply place a wet cloth with lemon fluid in the oven cavity and turn on the microwave for a few minutes.
• After steam cleaning, wipe the oven interior to remove any residual food, which should have been loosened.