Here comes a beersaver

IT sounds like an impossible dream – a product that saves an operator cash while reducing the burden of line cleaning.

But it’s one that its Scottish supplier says is benefiting a growing number of outlets across Scotland.
Thistle Beersaver is the Scottish franchise of a product, Beersaver, devised by Cambridge Scientific Solutions and endorsed by the Centre for Brewing at Heriot Watt University. Fitted into the beer line, it’s said to reduce the frequency with which bars need to clean their lines from once a week to once a month.
And it’s claimed to bring savings of 75% in beer wastage, chemical and water usage, as well as on time and labour costs.
The equipment, which can be tested in a four-week no obligation trial, consists of a flexible and lightweight coil embedded in the wall of the flexi beer pipe running from the keg connector to the fob detector. The coil carries a low intensity radio frequency that’s said to stabilise conditions in the beverage line.
“Beersaver is not another automatic line cleaner,” said Alan Weldon, boss of Thistle Beersaver owner Ecosse Group.
“Beersaver uses patented technology to inhibit yeast build up and growth, thus extending periods between cleans.”