Make everything in the garden rosy


A GOOD clean and an effort in the garden could make all the difference to pubs this spring, according to Scottish & Newcastle Pub Company.

The leasing co has advised operators of pubs with outdoor areas to take a little care as the weather brightens, paying particular attention to plants and flowerbeds.
“More and more pubs are realising that a pleasant garden and patio pot plants can really help establish a pub’s character,” the company explained.
“Even if your pub lacks any outside areas, attractive hanging baskets and window boxes can make a pub look well cared for and welcoming.”
For outlets with gardens, the company suggests several steps publicans can take to spruce up their outdoor spaces.
One option it’s recommending to lease holders is to recruit regulars, particularly elderly patrons who may no longer have gardens of their own, to participate in a spot of gardening around the premises in exchange for a free lunch.
Licensees should ensure they use suitable containers for plants, stressing that “bigger is better”, and frequently water whatever flowers are planted.
The company also recommended taking photographs of the finished display and using them on websites and other publicity materials.