Barr strikes out to boost market share


SCOTTISH soft drinks giant AG Barr has launched a new energy drink.

A mix of caffeine, B vitamins and taurine, Strike Energy is available to the off-trade in 49p price-marked 330ml cans.
Barr, which distributes the Rockstar energy drink in the UK, advised retailers to stock Strike Energy alongside other energy drinks. Strike point of sale will be distributed to support the launch.
Head of marketing Adrian Troy said the new product offers “great taste and great value”.
“Strike Energy has researched exceptionally well, with eight out of ten of the core target market saying they would buy it,” he said. “This clearly highlights how it will help retailers to increase energy drinks sales.”
Barr has also launched a new variant in the Rockstar energy brand.
Joining the Rockstar Punched Range, the new Fruit Punch variant is said to be the brand’s second fastest-growing product in the USA.
“We’re sure that Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch will go down a storm in the UK,” Troy said.
“New product development is essential for driving growth in the energy category, and innovation is therefore the lifeblood of the Rockstar brand.
“Rockstar has seen a number of successful launches in the UK in recent years, and the launch of Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch is sure to drive both brand loyalists and new shoppers to the energy drinks fixture.”