Water brand taps into happiness


HIGHLAND Spring is the focus of a new TV ad campaign which hit the small screen on Tuesday (March 22).

Featuring a voiceover by Scots actress Kelly Macdonald, the ‘full of the joys of Highland Spring’ ad features a cast of creatures native to the Ochil Hills in Perthshire – the home of Highland Spring. The star of the advert is a mole, which is shown playing a tune by blowing into a range of Highland Spring bottles.
Paul Condron, head of brand marketing for Highland Spring, said the new ad aims to promote the water as a “feel-good drink”.
“We were keen to convey this in our new brand positioning and advertising, while continuing to communicate the importance of our organic land and provenance,” he said.
“Full of the Joys is a fresh, new direction for the brand that will resonate with a wider consumer audience. The TV ad brings a little joy and will put smiles on faces.”