The key to young adult hearts


COCKTAILS and mixed drinks are key if operators are to boost sales of spirits among young adults.

Drinks firms contacted by SLTN last week said demand for cocktails is continuing to grow, particularly among young adult consumers.
Andrew King, chief executive of Funkin, the cocktail mixer and fruit puree producer, said outlets which offer a broad range of cocktails stand to benefit.
“Cocktails made with Funkin mixers appeal to young adults because they are visually pleasing and promote ‘cocktail envy’ amongst other drinkers,” he said.
“This encourages consumers to trade-up their drinks choice, helping to increase and drive sales.”
Ian McLaren, head of product training and mixology at Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands, advised bartenders and licensees to “ensure they are offering the right drinks and serves to maintain their outlet’s appeal”.
“Traditionally, younger drinkers tend to favour sweeter serves and cocktails,” he said.
“RTDs remain popular, however younger drinkers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and driven by the cocktail culture which we have seen develop over the past few years.”
Distributor Maxxium UK is also pursuing a strategy of mixed drinks and cocktails for its bourbon brands Maker’s Mark and Red Stag by Jim Beam – a black cherry flavoured bourbon which was launched last April.
“Cherries have been a natural part of the bourbon culture since the 1800s when the Manhattan was born,” said Maxxium UK’s Eileen Livingston.
“The natural sweetness of the cherry-infused flavour enables Red Stag to work well as an ingredient in more sophisticated cocktails.”