Sunny days for oil supplier

AAK Foodservice has expanded its Prep range of High Performance Oils with the launch of a new sunflower oil.

Prep Sun is available to caterers in a 20l bottle in a box, and AAK is marketing the product as a versatile oil that can compete on price with other vegetable oils.
“Frying trials were conducted at AAK and we found that sunflower oil cooked extremely well,” said Rachel Neale, marketing manager at AAK Foodservice.
“The food on plate looked crisp and very appetising. Prep Sun allowed the flavour of the food to come through and did not mask it at all like some other oils can. We did a number of blind taste tests and our sunflower oil came out on top every time for both taste and appearance.”
AAK said it expects sunflower oil to become a popular choice for caterers as commodity prices fluctuate.