Save the Last song for me


MUSIC lovers can look forward to tapping into their personal music libraries in pubs, thanks to a new link up between Sound Leisure and

A free online music service that streams tracks to consumers’ home computers, iPads and iPhones, allowing them to build a library of their favourite tunes, the service can now be accessed in venues with Sound Leisure’s VHub PC-based jukebox. It means pub-goers with a account can enter their password into the jukebox, and see the tracks in their libraries cross-referenced against the 30,000 tracks in the VHub database; pubs with a broadband connection can access as many as seven million tracks from a central server.
The user, who pays to play their preferred tracks at the jukebox rate set by the pub, can also view their music library in the manner they do on their iPad or iPhone, and arrange tracks by categories like top tracks or loved tracks.
The firm said the addition of the app, now underway in pubs, comes at no extra cost.
“For the first time we’re able to provide customers with dynamic and immediate link between the music experience they have at home or on the move and bring it straight in to the venue they’re visiting,” said Sound Leisure’s Mike Black.