Efficiency levels are frying high

CATERING equipment supplier Lincat has launched what it claims is the world’s most efficient range of gas fryers.
The company said its new Vortech fryers have an efficiency rating of 97%, higher than the average rating of between 50% and 80% achieved by most commercial fryers.
Lincat said this means the Vortech fryers can help reduce operating costs while being kinder to the environment.
“Our new Vortech range sets a new standard for energy efficiency in the competitive world of commercial fryers,” said Lincat marketing director Nick McDonald.
“Clearly we haven’t been able to test every fryer in the world but, to the best of our knowledge, 97% efficiency puts the Vortech in a class of its own.
“Of course this means a new standard for operational economy too, which can result in a payback period of less than two years.”