Oh whiskey tree, oh whiskey tree


A 26-foot Christmas tree made from 140 white oak whiskey barrels is the centrepiece of a new festive ad campaign for Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel’s.

The 30-second TV ad, due to hit the small screens as this section of SLTN went to press, features the citizens of Lynchburg, Jack Daniel’s home town, coming together to select and transport barrels towards a single location. The camera then pulls away to reveal the ‘barrel’ tree and the locals raise a glass in celebration.
As well as TV ads, the Barrel Tree campaign includes outdoor ads in Edinburgh and on the Glasgow and London undergrounds, print ads in music press, radio ads and digital activity, including a Barrel Tree game on the brand’s UK Facebook page – all designed to reach Jack Daniel’s target audience of 18-34 year old men.
Mark Davis, area marketing manager for American whiskey at Bacardi Brown-Forman Brands, said the new campaign aims to boost retailers’ sales over Christmas.
“We recognise that the festive season is a key time for retailers and licensees alike, as people tend to socialise more with family and friends, be it out at a bar or at home,” he said.
“We want to ensure Jack Daniel’s is front of mind for consumers this Christmas and are confident our unique new Barrel Tree campaign will raise awareness amongst our target market.
“We encourage bartenders and retailers to stock up now to make the most of the incremental sales opportunity the new advertising is set to bring.”
Peter Sandstrom, marketing director at Maxxium UK, whose portfolio includes The Macallan, Highland Park and Laphroaig, echoed the advice to operators to stock up on dark spirits in time for Christmas and New Year.
“The Christmas period is an extremely important time for spirits, premium brown spirits, and, in particular, whisky and this year we expect the trend to remain the same,” he said.
“The beauty of the Maxxium UK malt whisky range is that it offers something for everyone as every taste profile is superbly represented via either The Macallan, Highland Park, Laphroaig, Glenrothes or Ardmore.
“By stocking a good and well-balanced range of malt whisky outlets ensure the full flavour range is covered so that the majority of customers will have a favourite to choose from.”