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MAXIMUM reliability at minimal cost – that’s how EPoS firm J2 Retail Systems describes its newest touch-screens.

Developed with the hospitality and leisure industry in mind, the True Flat Resistive (TFR) and Projective Capacitive Touch (Pro-Cap) screens are designed to offer practical and stylish EPoS solutions.
The TFR screen has a bezel-free design, making it totally flat. Easily cleaned, TFR touch-screen technology is said to be suitable for most hospitality environments.
“This is a very good-looking, contemporary screen,” said J2’s co-founder and managing director Moray Boyd.
“We predict a very high demand, given its versatility and ability to fit into both the most rugged and sophisticated of environments.”
The Pro-Cap screens which, J2 is equipping some of its EPoS models with, are said to offer an “unlimited touch life”. “These scratch-resistant glass screens are not only more hard-wearing than anything else, but they also deliver stable performance with exceptional screen clarity and brightness,” added Boyd.