Cider continues to bear fruit


WITH new brands and flavours emerging onto the market on a regular basis, it seems cider is a category that refuses to stand still.

Fruit cider, in particular, is reckoned to be driving growth in the category, representing a claimed 8% of all UK cider sales.
It’s a trend that’s not lost on producers, with a number of cider firms bringing new flavoured ciders to the market in recent months.

There is a huge opportunity to innovate with the UK cider category and gain market share.

Halewood International, the firm behind Maguires cider, has just launched a new range of fruit ciders under its Lambrini brand.
Available in three variants – Pear and Apple, Forest Fruits and Summer Fruits, all of which are 4% ABV – Lambrini Cider was launched in the on and off-trades late last month. The launch is being backed by TV ads and sampling activity.
Richard Clark, director of innovation at Halewood International, said the new cider aims to address the “male-biased” approach he reckons is taken by some other cider brands.
“There is a huge opportunity to innovate with the UK cider category and gain market share,” he said.
“Lambrini Cider is tapping into the strength of the core Lambrini brand equity and provides a glamorous entrant into the market.
“It will meet demands from female consumers by offering unique packaging for both pubs and supermarkets, coupled with a range of great tasting liquids underpinned by significant marketing investment.”
Halewood isn’t the only firm that reckons there’s potential in the fruit cider sector.


Magners’ owner C&C Group has launched a new range of blended ciders, which feature both Magners Original cider and Magners Pear cider blended with flavours like rhubarb, honey and spices.
The Magners Specials range, which comprises Pear and Ginger, Spiced Apple and Honey and Spiced Apple and Rhubarb flavours, is pitched at male and female consumers looking for a ‘more indulgent’ drink.
“Consumers are always looking for something new and we want to ensure Magners continues to meet demands for a range of different drinking occasions,” said C&C Group chief executive John Dunsmore. “We have created Magners Specials as a market-leading innovation to suit the more special ‘treat’ occasion; it’s an ice-cold drink to enjoy at home or in a bar.”
It’s not just fruit ciders that companies are investing in, however.
Heineken UK recently unveiled a new font for its draught cider Strongbow.
The new design is designed to give the brand greater impact on the bar.
“The font has been radically redesigned with a modern, more masculine appearance that will enhance the brand, increase its visibility and reflect the brand qualities,” said brand manager Lucy Henderson.